"When designing Sparrow Lane, we pulled our inspiration from French design. This aesthetic was to amplify the atmosphere for weddings and events.

Since the french style is so elegant, hosting your wedding here allows you to have a lasting impression and memory to look back on. The design is timeless and will never date. I selected a soft and romantic palette, so the couple can adapt to their personal style. We chose to use soft white oak floors, and neutral stone to compliment any wedding decor.

Our intent was not to create a modern look, rather we wanted this space to feel as if it has been there for centuries. We used live metal finishes that will age in place and create a more authentic natural material.

Vaulted ceilings make this space feel large and expansive, yet the fireplace creates a cozy vibe for a more intimate event.

And for indoor/outdoor weddings, the arched doors and windows create a seamless transition between the outdoor patio and the wedding venue. "


- Lauren,

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